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Erick Mueller

Erick Mueller has founded four businesses. Three have done OK and one was a flaming failure. His current venture, Funovation, has 332 locations in 29 countries around the world. He’s survived to share his experiences with others and is a teacher at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado. He helps with programs that inspire and empower disadvantaged entrepreneurs in the slums of Africa, South America and Europe. He truly believes entrepreneurship can change the world! He loves adventuring in the mountains with his family and lab. Oh, and he has 11 siblings…

George Deriso

George Deriso is an experienced executive, entrepreneur and consultant who has worked with businesses of all sizes worldwide. Prior to founding Cosmos Partners, George worked for Falcon Venture Partners, a Colorado private equity firm. Throughout his career, he has been instrumental as an executive or founder of 8 technology ventures. He also has worked in large multi-national companies, such as AT&T, Apple, and Gartner Group, providing him experience and insight that is meaningful across the full range of enterprises. George is a faculty member at the University of Colorado Boulder Leeds School of Business with the 'Certificate of Excellence in Entrepreneurial Studies' program at the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship.

Heather Kennedy

A consumer marketing specialist, Heather has 20 years of experience in brand strategy, product development and management, and marketing communications. As a Brand Manager at Kraft Foods, Heather worked on advertising, financial management, consumer research and new product commercialization. At Whole Foods Market, Heather served as the Senior Director of National Marketing, managing an internal strategy and creative team, during a time of explosive growth. Most recently, she was the lead brand and marketing strategist for the Fresh Ideas Group in Boulder, CO, which focuses on natural and organic products. Heather is very passionate about teaching and loves bringing her experience into the classroom. She is an avid traveler and has eaten her way through 40 countries so far!