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Greg Holzheimer

Greg has nearly 10 years of experience within sales and sales operations roles with the majority of that time spent within the Medical and Operational Efficiency Technology industries. Throughout his career he has led newly created teams to success by overseeing training and mentoring of new hires and customers in a multitude of processes and products. In addition, Greg has consulting experience developing a go-to-market strategy for a large European firm entering the US market, performing case study analysis for the best route for future expansion for a small US firm, and advising an Entrepreneurial CEO in the medical industry on best avenues for success. In his free time, Greg enjoys hiking, camping, biking, SCUBA diving and enjoying Colorado's great outdoors with his puppy Lacey.

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Emily Luchetti

Emily has 5 years of experience in marketing and branding development and consulting, management of small and medium sized teams. Emily has worked with companies varying in size on revenue growth and customer acquisition. Emily worked overseas in Bali on marketing and rebranding, product design and development, and UX/UI design for a global fine jewelry company. She has led the hiring, training, and management process of small teams. Emily has a significant graphic design background and has completed many full scale web redesign and company rebranding projects throughout her career. In her free time, Emily enjoys skiing, camping, hiking, motorcycling, and being a dog mom to her puppy Remy

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Jared Klein

Jared got his start working for early stage startup companies in San Francisco in a UX/Product capacity. In 2016 he became a team lead and began to manage teams as well as  the strategic direction of the product solutions. In 2017 Jared moved to Australia where he consulted for tech companies in Sydney and Melbourne. Jared is a product market fit, UX, and Product R&D specialist. In his free time Jared enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking, sport climbing, and motorcycle touring. In his free time, Jared has trekked the Overland Track in Tasmania, as well as Annapurna Base Camp, and the Everest region in Nepal.

Jonathan Stokely

Jonathan is an experienced entrepreneur and consultant working across a variety of companies from startup, small business, and corporate in diverse capacities from marketing and sales to technology implementation and operations efficiency. Jonathan has worked with dozens of startups on growth strategy and VC regarding investment analysis. Notable companies Jonathan has worked at include Groupon, Deutsche Bank, and CME Group. In his free time Jonathan loves living in Colorado and spending time outdoors rafting, fishing, hiking, and mountain biking.   

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Mack O'Malley

Mack spent the last 6 years in various leadership roles at a beer wholesaler where he refined his skills leading a sales team, managing operations, implementing change, reviewing financial statements, creating budgets, managing inventory, and rolling out marketing plans. His undergraduate major was in Finance and he is now pursuing a dual masters, a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Business Analytics. In his free time, Mack enjoys hiking, skiing, cycling, live music, playing his guitar and making barbecue.