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"I had the pleasure of working with ES on an extensive solar PV market research project. They understood key business concepts quickly, helped create high quality financial models and sales pitch decks, and developed aspects of the project on their own, such as developing an alternative payment-ownership structure for the business. They were quick and thorough on their deliverables, and made sure to meet commitments of time and delivery. It was great to work with a team so dedicated to their work and to learning the ins and outs of the solar energy field. I look forward to working with them again in the future."

Mark Monroe  |  President / Energetic Consulting

Entreprenurial Solutions was "our secret weapons at the Leeds School! After one round of warmup, ES really settled in and dug up some great information that helped us build the story for significance and impact.  Even arranged a couple of customer discovery cold calls!!  Those are the cat’s meow and important in EVERY startup endeavor."

Jim Pollock  
|  Founder, CEO / LumenAstra

"An owner of a growing health services company, I knew I would need advice on how to manage growth. Turning to Entrepreneurial Solutions was the best decision I made. Because their team is made of graduate students with diverse experiences and specialties, they are able to provide perspectives no one person can. They understand the internal facets of running a business as well as the current business landscape and climate. They provided me not only invaluable perspective, but also the enthusiasm, expediency and expertise only students motivated to perform, excel and graduate can.
Tirza Derflinger  
|  President / The Thermogram Center, Inc.



"Our work with the ES Team aimed to identify a market niche (for our creative project), and subsequent revenue sources and income potential. We were thrilled when, through the tireless work of the ES Team, we realized a more feasible and efficient way to tap into the identified market niche, while maintaining the integrity of our Vision. Thank you ES Team, for your unselfish support, and for your ability to deliver excellent results and then some. Your insights pointed us in a better direction than we had before we started working with your Team."

Laura W Leighton  
|  Founder / ZoomerangKidz, Inc.

"The projects we hired ES for positively impacted our business. This included a new store layout and new ways to allocate our advertising dollars. Our sales this December are up 40% from last and sales this January are already up 30%. We've had a great year and feel it is in part directly related to their recommendations."

Marc Lavoie  
|  Co-Founder / Second Star to the Right Books