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Our Story

In 1998, a group of four MBA students in between their first and second years at the University of Colorado at Boulder sought a less traditional and more entrepreneurial internship. They decided that the best way to gain and share a breadth of knowledge in a variety of topics and to explore their entrepreneurial spirit would be to create a consulting firm. Thus, Entrepreneurial Solutions, LLC (ES) was born. Since its inception, Entrepreneurial Solutions has worked with over 100 clients.

Entrepreneurial Solutions is more than a student run consulting firm. It is a tradition. Each year, our consulting firm hires a new group of consultants who would bring fresh and innovative perspective to the company. In January, first year MBA students submit applications and participate in a selection process which includes an interview with the previous year's consultants. Only the best candidates are chosen to continue the legacy of ES.

In 2001, the ES advisory board was created. We believe that our advisors' wide-range of knowledge and extensive industry experience provide our firm with practical guidance which enhances our ability to provide consistent and excellent products for our clients. 

In 2023, we launched our consulting accelerator program designed to give additional support and training to our team at launch. The goal of this program is to set our team up for success in order to add significant value to our clients right away. 

Our Mission

Entrepreneurial Solutions exists to solve problems. We help companies develop superior business plans and strategies, optimize their operations, and achieve their goals.

Entrepreneurial Solutions envisions a community where entrepreneurs have ready access to innovative, flexible, and hands-on consulting services for affordable prices.

Our Process

Step 1: Collaborative Assessment

Step 2: Needs Diagnosis

Step 3: Results-Driven Action Plan

Step 4: Execution & Integration

Step 5: Future Planning, Performance Evaluation

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