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Our Team


Jordan and Henry form a dynamic consulting team, combining their unique strengths and experiences to deliver exceptional results. Jordan's ability to see the big picture while managing details, coupled with his expertise in operations and branding, brings a holistic approach to their projects. Henry's sales and marketing background, along with his strategic thinking and startup experience, adds a valuable perspective. Together, they offer a comprehensive skill set, a passion for excellence, and a problem-solving attitude that allows them to deliver outstanding value to their clients.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is a group of accomplished professionals who bring immense value to our firm.  With their extensive expertise and diverse backgrounds, our advisors contribute a wealth of insights and strategic guidance that enrich our consulting services. Their collective wisdom and industry knowledge empower us to provide comprehensive solutions, navigate complex challenges, and drive sustainable growth for our clients. Together, we form a dynamic partnership that combines academic excellence with real-world experience, ensuring our clients receive the highest level of strategic guidance and business acumen.

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